What Happens When Your Home Construction Starts Upsetting Your Neighbours?

What can you do when your neighbour suddenly tears down a 1800 Square Foot bungalow & quickly replaces it with a 6600 Sq.ft behemoth of a house? 

As one Brampton neighbourhood found out, NOT MUCH!

What initially started as a permit for a 1800-2000 Square foot addition to the existing bungalow (not uncommon for the neighbourhood) drastically shifted when the home owner was informed the construction of this addition would affect the structural integrity of the home. 

Instead of following the proper legal procedures (I.e. Getting a permit for the new 6600 Sq. Ft plan), the home owner went forward with the construction, leaving many of the neighbours & local councillors mystified as to why the City didn’t step in to stop the construction!

By law, if you are planning an addition to your home, extensively renovating or constructing something like a basement apartment, you need to have the proper building permits. Should you forgo getting these building permits, any construction undergone would be deemed illegal, opening you up to some potentially very expensive remedies!

It is examples like this that reenforce the vital reason you should always make sure the contractor or construction company you are working with takes out the proper permits before beginning anything!

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