Tips For Selling Your House During The Winter Months


If you are a fan of the hit show “Game of Thrones”, you will know the infamous saying “WINTER IS COMING”, which basically describes a third of the year in Canada hahah

In addition to your usual pre-winter preparations (getting out the heavy jackets, boots, snow shovels, etc.), there are several key things you can do to help sell your property in the winter months

FIRST thing you should do is take pictures from the spring or summer months to be used for your listing! (or call Rylie to come & do them for you ;) 

While Toronto can sometimes be turned into a magnificent winter-wonderland covered in snow, it’s not always the best conditions to be taking photos under for several reasons! 

- Our winter days are typically much shorter & darker, often making it more difficult to give your home that bright & airy feel that buyers look for

- The addition of slush, snow & lack of leaves on the trees/bushes can cause a property to look gloomy, even on the sunniest of days!

The SECOND most important thing to remember when selling your home in the winter months is that curb appeal still matters!

If you have a house, there are easy things you can do like shovelling/de-icing your driveway, removing any dead branches or leaves & putting down a new, clean welcome mat to improve your properties curb appeal.

If you own a condo, make sure that your balcony is kept clear of snow (people still want to go out there even if it’s -20 to see the view!), that your entry hallway has a nice, clean mat & place for your shoes & open up your blinds to allow as much light in

THIRD thing you should do is de-personalize your home along with decluttering. This includes putting away as many of your personal items (such as family photos) into storage or out of sight. Holiday decorations at this time of year are also included in this category!

If you have questions or concerns about selling your property in the winter months, feel free to contact us & we will be happy to walk your through the best process on how to get top dollar for your home!