4 Things A Toronto Real Estate Buyer Wants In A Home


The Toronto home buyer is increasingly becoming more & more educated about the real estate process and what they want out the property they are purchasing! 


These 4 additions to your property could result in big value increases if done properly!


Modern Kitchen: No one likes an outdated kitchen that’s seen its fair share of wear & tear! As one of the most important rooms for home buyers, a modern kitchen with updated appliances & fixtures go can a long way to increasing your properties curb appeal & value!


Energy Efficiency: With the average home buyer becoming increasingly more aware of the environmental impacts of home ownership, having energy-efficient additions to your home can be good for you, the new buyers & the environment! 

Be sure to check out smart devices like programmable thermostats & lights, water-saving toilets & taps + much more!


Open Concept: No modern home is complete without an open concept living style, but make sure to actually think about the design of your open concept home or you could end up with an odd, non-functional layout! 


Storage: As the average home size becomes smaller & smaller as condo living becomes more prevalent in Toronto, storage space becomes a highly sought-after commodity to deal with organization & decluttering! Try & optimize your home so that you have ample storage space so you can keep everything clean and tidy