Protecting Your Home From The Snow


Protecting Your Home From The Snow

While it’s been a fairly mild winter thus far, the potential for snow is always prevalent in Canada & having your home prepared for the cold weather can be crucial! 

Here are several things you can do to protect your home from snow damage this winter:

- If you live in a condo, be sure to get a heavy-duty mat for your entrance to keep snow & slush from dragging in

- If you live in a house, take a walk around your yard & trim away any tree branches that could snap off from the weight off the snow (thus preventing damage to your roof!)

- Stock up on essentials like snow shovels, emergency kits, candles, bottled water, salt, flashlights & anything else you think you might need to stay comfortable in the event of a snowstorm!

- Pay attention to the foundation around your house when shovelling snow as it can help prevent leakage to your entryways, exterior walls, windows & stairwells