Planning Home Renovations for 2018? Do’s & Don’ts When Choosing a Contractor


As our market conditions have shifted over the past several years to being more seller-centric, we are seeing an increasing amount of people decide to stay in their current home & renovate instead of moving.


While home renovations can be an extremely fun & challenging task, you need to make sure that you hire the right contractor to do the work or it could end up costing you in the long run!


Here are some of the major do’s & don’ts when hiring a contractor for your home renovations



- Look into the references of each contractor you are interested in working with before signing anything. Any respectable, professional contractor will be more than willing to give you a list of their past projects & people you can contact that will vouch for their work. If they don’t have any references or the ones they give don’t check out, it might be best not to use that person/company.


- Once you have chosen a contractor to work with, ensure that you have an airtight contract that fully encompasses the scope & details of the project/work you want done. If the contractor is hesitant to work on a contract, it would be best to avoid using them. 



- Don’t hire a contractor that isn’t fully licensed or insured as YOU can be held responsible should anything go wrong while people are working on the job. Obviously this is a massive liability that you don’t want to leave yourself open for, so take the time & do a bit of research about the contractor you are going to use. It could save you a lot of cost & headache in the future!


- Don’t forget to include an expected completion date for the project in the contract that you sign with your contractor. Some home renovations can be quite extensive & end up being disruptive to your life, so you want to make sure that you have a definitive timeframe for when the work is to be finished by!


- Don’t pay for a renovation job completely upfront! While giving a small deposit is quite common, it would be a red flag if your contractor is asking for complete payment before they start a job. Any reputable contractor should be happy to start working on a project for a reasonable deposit amount, relative to the overall project value. 


Are you planning any home renovations this year?


Let us know what you have planned or which renovations you wish you could do to your home in the comments below :)


Rylie C aka The OneWheel Realtor