Best Things to Do at the Toronto Christmas Market


Best Things to Do

at the Toronto Christmas Market

Now celebrating its 9th Annual Anniversary, the Toronto Christmas Market is back again this year in the Distillery District!

Running from November 15th until December 23rd, the event is modelled after similar Christmas Markets from 14th Century Germany with the incorporation of small log cabin’s (housing many delicious treats & trinkets), a 50-foot tall tree & more than 18,000 lights and ornaments

Fun Facts about the Toronto Christmas Market

  • Every year, the tree found in the centre of the Market is donated by Ontario Wood & Forest’s Ontario

  • The large Christmas Countdown Clock found in the main alley is synced with Santa Claus in the North Pole

  • Roughly 600,000 people visit every year with numbers continuing to rise

Things to Do

  • Get photo with Santa & his elves

  • Eat tons of Christmas themed foods (stay tuned for our upcoming Vlog/Blog where we go & sample all of the items)

  • Enjoy alcoholic beverages throughout the market like Mulled Wine & Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

  • Buy winter clothing & accessories, Christmas gifts & much more

  • Watch live performances & listen to Christmas Carolers

If you are planning to attend, the market is FREE on Weekdays until 5pm on Friday!

After, that admission is $6 per person, however it is a Non-Profit organization so majority of the profits go to charities like the Daily Bread Food Bank

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Rylie C aka the OneWheel Realtor