Living in a Van During Toronto Winters?

We all know that Toronto winters are cold, dark & seemingly endless and many of us turn to the creature comforts inside our homes to make this often brutal time of year a bit more enjoyable!

But what if your home was a 15ft Sprinter Van that you live in full-time?

How do you handle Canadian winter’s then?

A young couple from Toronto (Eamon & Bec) have an extremely popular YouTube channel where they share their experience doing exactly this!

Here are some of the top tips they have that may help you stay warm this winter:

  • Use flannel sheets & pajamas

  • Layer up ~ more clothing always helps (but make sure it’s breathable)

  • Put a rug down on your floor ~ this will help keep your feet warm

  • Get winter tires for your car ~ that extra grip can save you

  • Eat warm foods like soups & stews

Would you ever consider switching to #VanLife?

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Rylie C aka the OneWheel Realtor