Why I DON'T ride the OneWheel in the Winter

If I could, I would ride the OneWheel all-year round in Toronto!

If Future Motion made a winter edition of the OneWheel with a studded tire, heating pack & stronger motor/battery, I would be the first one to buy it so I can keep taking it to appointments hahah

Unfortunately as of right now, that isn’t possible so I'm stuck with putting the OneWheel away once winter weather comes around!

There are several reasons that I don’t ride the OneWheel in the winter but it mainly comes down to 3 things:

1.) Safety

  • There are a couple factors to this but it mainly comes down to the motor & battery strength that you lose in the cold weather

    • I tend to ride fairly aggressively, usually between 30-36km/ph (20-24 MPH), and with the decreased motor strength from the cold, I don’t feel as comfortable riding at these higher speeds.

      • Usually in good weather, I can get to the 20% battery level before the board starts giving me pushback & I feel the motor get weaker, but in the cold, I start to feel this around 50%

      • Range also drops drastically from roughly 25-30km in warm weather to 15-20km in the cold!

2.) It’s Freaking Cold

  • In Toronto, it gets cold. I mean really cold. Like freezing your face off in a couple of minutes type of cold.

    • I equate riding on the OneWheel in the winter like going for a snowboard or ski ride. You need to LAYER UP or you’re gonna have a bad time! Despite having a full face helmet, face mask, gloves, a Canada Goose Jacket, etc, it can still get cold while riding!

      • The problem with layering up (especially if you are running errands) is that you get super hot as soon as you go inside anywhere and if you are like me, you will start sweating like a pig!

3.) Snow & Salt

  • These two things, Salt & Snow, are the OneWheel’s worst enemy! They are the primary reason why I put the OneWheel away for the season and for good reason

    • First, the snow decreases the range & motor strength even further than just cold weather on it’s own

    • Second, if you are riding with a fender, the snow will get caught in it, essentially rendering your OneWheel useless as it blocks off the tires ability to turn, leaving you with a projectile object going in one direction (this is how I had 1 of my 2 serious falls)

    • Third, salt will attach itself to your board & if you don’t wipe it off quickly, it can start doing damage to your boards components :(

These are my 3 reasons why I don't ride in the winter, do you do the same?

Do you keep riding?

Let me know in the comments section below :)


Rylie C aka the OneWheel Realtor