How to Paint Your Bathroom in One Day

I recently decided to take down the wallpaper that had been in my bathroom since I bought my condo 2 years ago & paint the entire room with my Mom in one day!

This was my first time ever painting a bathroom (or actually any room indoors for that matter) so I had to learn a couple things about the prep work that needed to be done before we could start

First, we had to take out all of the furniture or items that might get in the way & wrap the toilet and floors with a protective sheet to avoid getting any paint splatter on them

Second, we had to lightly sand off any glue (using Ultra-Fine Sandpaper) that remained on the walls from the wallpaper that I had taken down as this would make it difficult to have the new paint stick properly

Third, we wiped down all of the walls & ceiling with a wet rag to make sure no dirt or grime remained before painting

Fourth thing we had to do was tape up any mirror edges that are in the areas you are painting

Once we had the room prepped, it was finally time to start painting!

The advice I received from my mom was to begin with the edges to make it easier when you use the roller later on to do the large sections of the wall.

This can take more time but if you do the edges properly (due to the small brush), however it will end up giving the room a much higher quality finish than if you tried to use the roller throughout!

After completing all of the walls, ceiling & any trim you may be painting, you can then switch to a roller brush which will make it easier to paint due to the larger size to finish off the remaining sections

Now that you have finished painting the first coat, you then wait several hours/1 day (depending on the paint you purchase ~ higher quality paint typically dries faster) before repeating these steps again for the 2nd coat, after which time you are finished painting!

All that is left is to remove the tape from the mirrors, clean up any mess you have made & leave the exhaust fan on to get rid of the paint fumes!

Need any further tips on how to paint your bathroom?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below & we will gladly get back to you!


Rylie C aka the OneWheel Realtor