Your FEBRUARY Monthly Report

Your FEBRUARY Monthly Report

2018 is off to a great start for the City of Toronto as numerous infrastructure projects get announced & finished!

From the York St Exit Ramp to the $1.25 Billion Portlands project, there is a lot to watch out for in the city this year

Our real estate market continues to see detached homes decrease in value compared to last year while condos push forward with over 15% appreciation!

We're extremely excited to see where the year takes us & we hope to have you along for the journey :)

$1.25 Billion Port Lands Revitalization Project Has Begun


A new chapter is set to begin for Toronto's Port Lands with the first phase of a $1.25 Billion project to protect the area from flooding & unlock an estimated 240 hectares of waterfront real estate for development

With Google already signing on to build a "Smart Community' here, it's sure to be an area to watch out for!

Stats from King Streetcar Pilot Project Are In!

And they are looking great for Downtown commuters!

With an estimated 65,000 people using this streetcar line every day, the increased reliability is a welcome change to those who typically experienced unpredictable travel times prior to the Pilot project being implemented!

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Rylie has created a new YouTube channel to help first-time buyers with these critical first questions that need to be answered by any prospective home owners! 

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Tired of Waiting for Elevators

With condo buildings being constructed higher & higher these days, the wait times for many buildings has increased drastically as these elevators often break down!

A new Ontario Law seeks to fix this issue by mandating scheduled service (something that is done by only 1/5 buildings) in addition to enhanced reporting of outages by contractors

10 Bathroom Materials That Will Withstand Any Abuse


Having a clean bathroom can be one of the toughest tasks in your house if you don't have the proper materials to withstand dampness & daily use!

Here are some of the top recommended materials to use in your bathroom:
1.) Engineered Stone Countertop
2.) Glazed Porcelain Tile Floor
3.) Tempered Glass Shower Doors