Using Virtual Reality to Buy & Sell Your Home

It might sound like a crazy idea, but with recent advancements in technology & the fact that anyone who owns a smartphone can interact with Virtual Reality/360 content, this comical notion can actually become reality & end up being a very useful tool in today's real estate market!

The latest addition to my photography/video setup is the new GoPro Fusion that allows me to easily make VR/360 videos & photos for our listings in addition to several other near applications.

Some of these include doing fully immersive neighbourhood tours that allow you to see what different areas are like without having to physically travel there & the ability to scope out new construction lots for buyers/investors that want to see what is currently in the area/could impact the project in the future!

Other uses for Virtual Reality in real estate include things like tenants using VR to find the ideal unit to rent, 3D Room modelling that allows you to place virtual furniture & household items in your home and whole new construction developments being virtually created to allow prospective buyers the ability to see what the area will look like once completed along with the full colour palette, furnishings & lighting of their unit!

While this can never fully replace going out to see a home in person, it does give us another tool to help buyers with their home buying process. For sellers, it gives an added dimension to your listing package that could help sell your home for more money! 

Let me know of other uses of Virtual Reality that you have seen in real estate or other industries in the comments section down below :) 

Rylie Cook aka The OneWheel Realtor