Why Do I Ride a OneWheel to Showings?

Welcome to The Daily Ride!

This will be a daily video series about my life as a real estate agent, where I will also share my passions of photography/videography, events & restaurants around the city and much more!


Well, the answer is quite simple.

Because I love it! hahah

As I come from a wakeboarding/snowboarding/skateboarding background, it allowed me to combine my passions of carving the slopes/water to the streets of Toronto :) 

More than that, it is actually a fantastic way to commute around Downtown, especially during rush hour.

There's no need to worry about traffic or parking, getting stuck on the TTC or having to lock up my bike in a safe place when I use the OneWheel since I get to bring it in with me on showings!

It's also a great conversation piece to have with clients, concierges & just anyone in general since they are quite curious as to what it actually is hahah

I have a vision one day of having multiple OneWheel's that I can lend to clients that we all ride to showings, just have to work out the insurance/liability of it :p 

Would that be something you would do to get to your showings instead of walking or driving?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Rylie C aka OneWheel Realtor