How Toronto's Construction Boom is Fuelling Organized Crime & Waste Contamination

If you live in the GTA, you have most definitely seen those big dump trucks filled with soil driving around, but where does it all go? 

It should in theory all go to the legitimately run-dump sites, however as the developers increasing look to save costs, more & more of this dumping is being done illegally on private land, leading to contaminated soil sometimes being dumped on unsuspecting land owners!

With about 25 million cubic metres of soil being moved every single year in Ontario (that's equal to the Rogers Centre being filled 16 times!!), a black market for this disposal has emerged, largely lead by organized crime groups acting as middle-men to facilitate these services

Is there any way to solve this issue?


The previous provincial government had passed regulations to require construction sites be tested for contamination while also giving large fines for those who do violate the rules, however this has yet to be brought in by the new provincial government