5 Decorating Hacks for a Small Living Room

If you have a smaller sized living room, you know how hard it can be to decorate these spaces properly without making it feel cramped!

Here are a couple of quick tips to help design your living room better:

1.) Use bright colours
Light coloured wall paint, furniture & decor will all make the room feel bigger

2.) Use light
By adding bright overhead lighting or floor lamps, you can help "expand" the apparent scale of a room 

3.) Go Minimal

If you choose the proper minimalist furniture, you can take advantage of the clean lines, thin arms & backs (for furniture) & sleek table legs to bring about an air of sophistication and organization

4.) Use Your Walls

Lots of people neglect to use their wall space properly but if you have a small living room, your best option is to free up some floor space & start mounting things to the wall!

This can include wall-mounted TV’s, cabinets, art + more.

Just be sure to not go overboard as over-decorated walls will make the room feel smaller!

5.) Think Things Over

By strategically planning out your living room, you can help the flow of people throughout your home & make the space appear larger than it actually is.

You can achieve this by placing larger furniture away from the entry of the room & placing smaller furniture near the front.

Basically you want to take away any obstructions that might stop people from being able to move in the room!