We have adopted a particular philosophy of doing business, called By Referral Onlyβ„’ 


Both Sally & Rylie strive to provide such impeccable service & counsel that our clients will recommend us to friends, co-workers, family & acquaintances.  

How do you benefit from this philosophy?

It's simple...

Our business depends on giving you such top-notch, excellent service that you will happily sing our praises to anyone you know who is looking for a Realtor. 

After all, most years 80+% of our business comes solely from business that is referred to us from past clients. If we don't maintain our high standards & ensure that referrals keep coming our way, majority of our business might disappear. The health of our business depends upon our quality of service!

Our clients also benefit from this philosophy because we devote more time to their needs & less time looking for new clients

Most Realtors, unfortunately, do business as though they will never see or hear from their current clients again. That mindset can lead to shoddy service because the Realtor just wants to close a deal & move on to the next transaction. 

Those Realtors don't build trust with clients & are afraid of losing them, which can lead them to push decisions on their clients (which may not be in their client's best interest) in their haste to 'get the deal done'.

HOWEVER, we view our relationship with our clients as a long-term association. We prefer to get to know the people we work for because it creates a rich & personally rewarding work life for us! 

Also, as Realtors, the more we know about our clients, the better we can serve them. In some instances, we have counselled clients to not sell their home. Both Sally & Rylie will never waiver to give you counsel that has your best interests at heart!