You might have an accepted offer, but without the deposit being dropped off to the listing office within the specified time period (typically within 24 hours acceptance), your deal is not 100% complete!


Here's How You Go About Firming Up the Deal

Step 1

Get a Certified Bank Draft for the Deposit Amount made payable to the Listing Office (give to your agent and they will get to the sellers agent)

Step 2

Paperwork goes to your lender to work on your Mortgage Commitment

Step 3

Book Your Home Inspection (if buying a free hold property)

Step 4

Obtain the Condo Documents (if buying a condo) and have your Lawyer review them

Step 5

Once conditions have been satisfied, you will sign waivers removing the conditions

(You will now be in a firm & binding transaction!!

No turning back now hahah :)

Step 6

All the Paperwork goes to your Lawyer to prepare for the Closing


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