NOW is a Great Time To Get Your Home on The Market!

Accurate pricing & cosmetics are critical to getting the most attention to your property in the shortest period of time possible! 

The curb appeal & the interior of your house or condo should be as good as you can get it WITHOUT spending a lot of money.

Sally, our Team Listing Specialist, will be happy to do a Room-By-Room Review of your home to suggest quick & easy cosmetic-only repairs and touch-ups that will likely earn you thousands in return!

Time after time we've found that those owners who follow our 'strictly cosmetic' fix-up tips to the letter get their home sold quicker & for absolute top dollar! 


Before & After


Curb Appeal & Staging (First Impressions) are Critical to Maximizing Your Home's Value!

A neat, manicured exterior will help to sell your home. If your house is messy on the outside, you may not even get buyers past the front yard!

  • For starters, cut the grass & trim the bushes or tree branches obscuring the front of your home

  • Get rid of all that stuff you've been saving in the very back of your yard & clean out the storage shed

  • If it's spring or summer, adding flowers to the front yard, or buying hanging baskets will add colour & warmth to the front of the home

  • If you live in a condo, make sure your foyer is clean & bright (talk to Property Management if necessary) 

  • Add vases of flowers everywhere around the home (don't overdue), dress up your dining table with a couple of wine glasses & a bottle of champagne

  • If you have a balcony, put flowers out there too & prepare a nice seating area

  • Steam Clean the carpets & wash doors and walls if necessary

  • Eliminate clutter & overcrowding in every room of your house or condo including closets

Make sure to contact Sally for further ways you can help improve your property when putting on the market!