The scariest & must crucial point of your home-buying process is without a doubt the offer presentation

Knowing what to expect can help ease some of those fears & put you in a better mindset for negotiations!

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Here are some of the top things that you need to keep in mind when making an offer: 

1.) You will need a 5% deposit with your offer, so make sure you have easy access to funds for a Bank Draft


2.) Do you have a current pre-approval?


3.) Has your agent provided you with up to date data on comparable sales in the area or building?

  • Have a discussion with your agent on what the value of the property is based on the recent comparable sales


4.) What is the strategy?

  • This can vary drastically depending on whether or not you are in a multiple offer scenario

    • Have a game-plan & a good backup so that you are prepared for any potential outcome


5.) Know your numbers!!

  • What is the price you feel comfortable paying for that property? The worst thing you can do is overpay & not feel comfortable with the decision!

    • Make sure that you have done your research so you have this number in your head prior to entering the offer presentation


6.) Do you understand the offer documents?

  • Are there any terms you don't understand? If so, clarify these with your Real Estate professional

    • Do you have conditions in your offer to protect you?

      • Financing?

      • Home Inspection?

      • Review Of Condo Docs?


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