Do You Know the Difference Between a Pre-Approval & a Quick Qualifier? 

Many people go out home-hunting without even having spoken with their bank or mortgage broker!

Sometimes people go online and punch in their numbers for a Quick Qualifier, the problem with this is there are no supporting documents that the bank certainly will ask for at some point!

To know for sure a lender is going to give you the mortgage funds on closing you need to provide:

  • A clean credit report

  • Confirmation of down payment & closing costs

  • Confirmation of income

    • If you are employed you will need two items of proof (Letter of employment, pay-stubs, tax returns, bank statements)

    • If you are self-employed or on commission you will need at least two years Tax Assessments (net returns filed)

Many times problems occur with a quick qualifier when someone is self-employed or on commission as the GROSS income is quoted to the lender but when it comes to proving the income the banks only use NET


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