There are several questions you should be asking the Agent you are thinking about working with on your Home Buying Journey

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The big one to ask would be "How much of your business is by repeat & referral clients?"

Some agents might do a lot of transactions but if they have little or no repeat or referral business, then they are not likely treating their clients very well and might be all about getting a deal done vs. what is right for you

Some people think that they need a neighbourhood specialist and that is not always the case

Any good agent can do research in a neighbourhood to come up with the right evaluation.  If they are great at what they do, they can adapt to other areas

Just because an agent has lived in an area all their life doesn’t make them a good agent

They might not have much experience in real estate or just be a bad agent, so consider the person with the right qualifications (not because they know the area well)

Everyone seems to have a friend or family member in the real estate industry and a huge mistake one can make is to use someone to help you with your search solely for this reason

Are they the person that has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the home buying process?

If not, it could be a long-term & expensive disaster!!!

You can ask all the right questions but at the end of the day, you have to trust your gut instinct and feel-out who can guide you through the transaction and have fun at the same time

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