So What's The Formula?


The formula that we've created is PPPN, which stands for Pricing, Presentation, Promotion & Negotiation.

All four components are decisive for getting your home sold in any type of market!

It requires the owner & the agent to work together to discuss the proper pricing of the property (& set the list price 3-5% above market value to allow for negotiating room) and to show the owner how he/she can improve the presentation of the home (interior & exterior) cosmetically and inexpensively to increase its value. 

Once these two key elements are in place, the promotion of the property takes place in several ways. First, we have to get buyers excited about your home & interested in making an appointment to see it in person. 


To maximize a buyers online "First Showing" experience, we market your property via multi-media sources including HD Photos, Full Property HD Video Tour (with Drone footage when possible) & interactive websites to make it simple and easy to find out more information about your home!

Once a buyer has made an appointment, we want to give them a 'WOW' when they walk in your door. One of the most important parts of the WOW (besides how you've presented your home) is providing a full-colour feature sheet for agents & buyers. 

Finally, once an offer is on the table, the actual negotiations between us & the buyer (through their agent) will definitively determine what price you get for your home, When you have someone strong, knowledgeable & experienced in negotiations on "your team" like Sally or Rylie, you can't help but get a better price!