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First Things First

With close to 30 years of combined experience specializing in the Toronto Real Estate Market & after listening to our clients over the years, we've learned a few things about what you want.

Here's what home sellers have told us they want....

  • The best price possible for your home in the current market

  • A quick sale within your desired time frame

  • Limited hassles & to have the entire process as stress-free as possible

  • To trust that your realtor is always working with your best interests at heart

We hope that the information contained in our StandOut Marketing Programming outlines exactly how we work hard to meet YOUR goals

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Increase Your Home's Value Through Staging & Property Prep

Sally, our Team Staging & Design Specialist, will be happy to do a Room-By-Room Review of your home to suggest quick & easy cosmetic repairs that will likely earn you thousands of $$$ in return! 


Great Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Signing A Listing Agreement

Want a simple way to avoid having a miserable experience when going to sell your home?

Ask these questions to your real estate agent to make sure that you're getting your money's worth!


A Formula for Success... The PPPN Principles of Listing

Every industry has it's particular formulas for success & real estate is no exception!

These formula's are, for the most part,
not taught in any real estate school or seminar,
although they are not a secret to the
most successful Realtors in the business. 

If you asked them, most agents wouldn't be able to tell you this successful formula that get's the clients listing sold for the best price possible!


ByReferral Only Business Philosophy

We have adopted a particular philosophy of doing business, which is called By Referral Only™

Both Sally & Rylie strive to provide such impeccable service & counsel that our clients will recommend us to friends, co-workers, family & acquaintances!  


The Selling Process Needs to Move At Your Pace...

Why are we willing to wait so patiently? Simple! 

We plan to be in the business for many more years!

Whether you buy or sell now, in six months, or in a few years makes no difference to us


Our Guarantees of Service to You

We offer two main guarantees that put the responsibility of providing good service back to the Realtor.

Where It Belongs. 


EasyExit Policy

Occasionally, sellers list their homes with agents & regret their decisions later.. Sometimes they realize that their Realtor is less than competent, has mislead them about market values, or that their Realtor has not updated them regularly with feedback about their home. 

Here's What You Can Expect From Us