Why Are We Willing To Wait So Patiently? 


We plan to be in this business for many more years!

Whether you buy or sell now, in six months or in a few years from now makes no difference to us - we want you to proceed at a pace that you set! 

If our clients can always count on us for unbiased, professional advice & they learn to trust and respect us, those clients are more likely to recommend us to other people.

Once again, it comes around full circle to our By Referral Only business philosophy!

An additional bonus to our business philosophy is that we can readily recommend other 'By Referral Only' professionals whom home buyers & sellers might need to hire. 

Over the years we have built up a database of reliable, highly recommended people from renovators, to lawyers, to carpet cleaners, to insurance agents, in order to save our clients a lot of the leg work. 

Sally & Rylie are firm believers in the By Referral Only business philosophy because it's a win-win for everyone

We win by having a rewarding & successful business life and our clients win by getting impeccable service!