1.) What Guarantees Do You Offer Me?

  • We guarantee that you'll be able to access feedback 24/7 from agents who have shown your home - provided they give it to us.

    We also guarantee in writing with our Easy Exit Listing Guarantee that if you aren't satisfied with our level of service, you can cancel your listing anytime

    2.) Really? Can We Cancel the Listing at Anytime WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED, if We are Unhappy? 

  • People think "that's normal... every agent would do that" but it's NOT! We've had personal experience where the agent would not cancel the listing, even though the sign was taken down & no further showings were allowed! 

    It's one of our guarantee's & WE MEAN IT! No hassles, no strings attached, no questions asked. 

    3.) Do You Have a Website & Will You Post Webpages About my Home Online? If So, What is the URL?

  • We will create a custom website specifically for your property with it's own URL which will be featured on the front page of our website (TorontoRealEstate.ca) to attract Toronto buyers.

  • Additionally, if your property qualifies, we have access to debuting your property to the world through Remax's luxury property line, The Collection, which features properties from Toronto & all around the world attracting an even bigger audience!

    4.) Are You a One-Person Operation or Do You Have a Team that Specializes in Providing Excellent Client Care & Marketing Services?

  • In addition to Sally, who handles all listings, marketing & seller negotiations, Rylie is our in-house photographer, videographer (drone pilot when location permits), website designer, graphic designer along with being our Buyer Specialist for new and returning/referral clients! 

   5.) In Which Home-Buying Magazines or Other Print Media Will You Advertise My Home & With What Frequency?

  • At a minimum, 93-95% of home buyers start & continue their search for properties on the internet. That's where we focus most of our efforts at targeting buyers for your home.

    • It's been proven that less than 2% of the time a buyer comes from a newspaper or magazine ad for a home - Realtors use those ads to attract buyers for  other properties

   6.) Do You Have a Buyer-Focused Website & Other Online Resources that Attracts Thousands of Unique Visitors Every Month While Providing Buyer-Specific Info That Will Help Them To Purchase My Home?

  • By now, we're sure you know that the answer is YES!

    While many agents have websites, most are small "cookie cutter" ones with stock images & minimal information about the agent themselves or the properties they represent. We are proud that we have built our extensive website from the ground up, working with some of the best co-operating service providers in the industry to bring you enhanced features that other agents just don't have! 

  • Your listing will also be displayed on several Re/Max websites with broad exposure to many possible buyer markets 

    • Remax.ca, Remax.com, Global.Remax.com & if your property qualifies, Collection.Remax.ca 


7.) What Systems Do You Have in Place That Will Keep You In Constant Contact with Me During the Listing Process & Right Through the Transaction?

  • We use a computerized checklist to monitor progress on the sale of your property up until the last two weeks. After that, a special "Last 10 Days" follow-up program begins... Sally or Rylie will call often during the last 10 days prior to the closing date to ensure that everything is going smoothly, to answer any questions you may have & to solve any last minute problems. They'll even call your lawyer to see if they can offer him or her any assistance 

   8.) Are You a Full-Time Professional Real Estate Consultant or Just an Agent Who Works Part-Time?

  • We are definitely full-time agents!! Sally has been licensed since the early 1990's & Rylie since October 2013 and both have not stopped since!

    We consider ourselves 'real estate consultants' who serve the needs of our "Clients for Life" rather than as typical salespeople who view clients as just another commission

   9.) How Much of Your Business is From Past Clients or Referrals?

  • Over the last two years, we have averaged roughly 82% of our business solely from repeat & referral clients! We truly rely on referrals so we HAVE to provide such incredible, top-notch service that our clients are compelled to recommend us

   10.) How Educated Are You About Negotiating? 

  • Sally's negotiating skills have been accumulating since 1992 when she first got her licence & she has since helped over 1100 families successfully buy or sell a property in Toronto! Rylie has 10 years of sales experience & is also well versed in negotiating to best serve our clients! 

    • By knowing exactly how the system works & it's limitations, we have many past examples of helping our sellers gain extra thousands to their sale price 

   11.) My Equity is Very Important to Me. Are You Going to Be Tenacious in Dealings with Others on My Behalf?

  • Most definitely! Sally & Rylie fight on your behalf as if it was their own home that they were selling! What's more.. they actually enjoy being tenacious!

   12.) How Familiar are You With Mortgage Financing? 

  • Sally & Rylie are both knowledgable about mortgage financing, however Sally's past experience working as a Mortgage Specialist for 8 years allows her to give you detailed information on what you truly qualify for & what your ACTUAL price range shoot be! 

   13.) If I Need It, How Will You Assist Me in My Relocation Plans?

  • If you are relocating to anywhere in the world, we have an extensive network of agents who work with the same By Referral Only mentality. 

    • Whether it's in Southern Ontario or anywhere else in Canada, the United States or Worldwide, we can also refer you to like-minded Re/Max agents